Mapping Hackathon
Kraków 17-18 November

Registration is open until midnight 10th of November.


Discover the potential of location intelligence and act using HERE’s leading technology. Bring your ideas to life in the field of one of the proposed topics helping communities, societies and organizations solve problems using digital maps and location services. The key result is the idea and A working demo of the application using our location platform that solves a problem and improves life in the real world. You can apply together as a team or submit an individual application. Register and start hacking adventure.


Hackathon topics



Prize pool 5000€
Monthly paid internship at FEV Polska
Traficar Vouchers
Sport gadgets from Garmin
Paid internship at Placematic


Saturday, the 17th of November
09:00 Registration at AGH
10:00 Opening presentation
11:00 Thematic workshops
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Here Api Workshop
15:30 Transfer to Jagiellonian University
16:00 Speed Dating Session
17:00 Hacking Session
20:00 Snacks/Dinner
24:00 Midnight Pizza


Sunday, the 18th of November
08:00 Breakfast
11:00 Presentation Workshop
17:00 Projects presentations
19:00 Transfer / Jury Judgement
20:00 Results and Winners presentations
21:00 Farewell drink

We provide food and drinks during all the event

To get access to HERE data sign in for free trial at http://developers.here.com/



Wojciech Bujak

Sales Manager PTV Group Involved in the logistics industry for 20 years, where he gained experience on different levels in operational and sales departments, and later focused on the sales and implementation of IT solutions for logistics. He is presently a sales manager at the PTV Group. 

Filip Chelminski

Managing director of FEV Polska, software engineer by education, car enthusiast by passion, biker for the thrill.

Piotr Żołnierczyk

R&D Engineer at FEV specializing in a wide range of technologies for autonomous vehicles and driver support systems. In particular, focused on topics related to image analysis and data transfer to the cloud.

Aleksander Lukashou

R&D Engineer at FEV specializing in issues related to the processing of measurement data. Strongly befriended with LIDAR, creating HD maps and Robot Operating System.

Konrad Karpiński
Chief Executive Officer in Traficar
For the last three years, Konrad Karpiński has been responsible for developing and implementing the first commercial and network-based free-floating car sharing service in Poland, branded Traficar.
Roman Shikin
Head of Data Acquisition & Community Eastern Europe at HERE Technologies - Managing international team responsible for content acquisition, community engagement, developers relations across Eastern Europe.
Andreas Herger

Managing crowd sourced mapping projects all over Eastern Europe for HERE.

Richard Süselbeck

Principal Developer Evangelist for HERE Technologies, the world's leading location technology company. With over a decade of experience in teaching and training developers, he travels the world helping them make the most of the HERE map and location APIs. Richard has a PhD in Information Systems and really likes dinosaurs.

Alex Gevrenov

Director Regional Map & Content Eastern Europe at HERE. International business leader who can rally people behind a vision and ignite them to do their best.

Sebastian Religa

He got involved in e-sport, which allowed him to develop strategic and tactical thinking. He combined these experiences to successfully create dedicated applications that easily solve complicated business problems.
He successfully managed softwarehouse which helps market leaders, especially in the automotive industry, achieve business goals and increase sales. CTO of IoT - Locky

Marcin Sikorski
Professionally - an enthusiast passionate about IoT, Proptech and embedded systems, who as a Test Engineer in Tieto (recently – also as a Test Lead) has verified products of global brands in the field of Smart Industry for over 5 years. Privately – a fan of optimization, speeches, China and climbing.
Łukasz Sutkowski
Software developer interested in web technologies and functional programming. Currently working at Tieto as a Frontend Developer focused on QA automation and delivering better developer tools. Personally amateur of travelling and photography.
dr inż. Tomasz Kulpa
Assistant Professor at the Department of Transport Systems at the Cracow University of Technology; for over a dozen years he has been involved in the planning of transport systems, including travel modeling and sustainable mobility; author or co-author of several dozen project studies and scientific articles in this field.
Dominik Kaim
Dominik Kaim, a professional and private geographer; a bicycle lover, which agrees with the thesis that since the wheel was invented, walking is less justified.
Jarosław Działek
Institute of Geography and Spatial Management at Jagiellonian University. He wanted to become a volcanologist, but he studies culture; he loves Japan and Iceland - because they have volcanoes and more.
Marcin Striczek
Training specialist Garmin Polska, Senior mountain rescue instructor GOPR, mountain climber, spelunker, ski and climbing instructor. Manager and participant in many rescue and search operations. Recognized twice by the President of the Republic of Poland with the medal "For generosity and courage"
Paweł Hałat
Institute of Public Affairs of the Jagiellonian University. Geographer, involved in urban and public management research and Krakow's urban movements.
Martin Petrulák
Senior development manager, responsible for delivery and management of Automotive lab in Košice, Slovakia. Has a senior level in-depth experience in area of digital mapping and data processing, across all phases of the software development. In free time he is in to CrossFit and running.
Maroš Budaj
Maros is working on visual navigation products and supporting tools. His main responsibility is to analyze and design software solutions based on customer requirements. Is interested in new technologies related to IoT, Blockchain and Tangle.
Peter Szatmary
An enthusiastic software developer having experiences with HERE maps projects. Has been changed in creation of architecture and prototyping of IoT project with Kubernetes and microservices on Angular and Spring Boot with Maven. In his spare time he is enjoying leading climbing.
Michał Smereczyński
Cloud Architect. Microsoft Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and an interoperability evangelist. Microsoft Azure Group Poland leader and one of the organizers of AzureDay Poland conference. Linux guy. Python developer. DevOps. An author of the “Linux on Azure” blog (https://lnx.azurewebsites.net).
Jarosław Giero

Founder of Placematic. For last 10 years has been supporting business operations in various areas through the use of innovative and dedicated mapping tools and geolocation services. An originator and co-creator of the first online website for location analysis in the SaaS model - Locit.pl. HERE Location Platform distributor in Central and Eastern Europe.

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